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How to Build a Deck in Amarillo, TX; Design, Framing Techniques, Popular Colors, Built-In Benches & More

No matter if you decide to do it yourself or commission a professional, building a deck for your home can be fun. It is vital to take the time to… more »

Kitchen Remodel Design Mistakes to Avoid in Amarillo, TX; Not Considering Options, Making Hasty Decisions & More

Your kitchen tends to be the place where everyone gathers. Have a get together and chances are good that’s the room everyone will end up in. How’s your kitchen looking?… more »

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter for Home Interior Painting in Amarillo, TX; Expertise, Premium Tools, Equipment & More

Every so often, it is almost therapeutic to give your home a makeover. Whether you opt for new flooring or new walls covering or paint, getting your home evolved to… more »

Employee Spotlight

Daniel Barber has been a valued employee of Keith Silman Painting and Remodeling for the past 12 years. He has been involved in and has contributed to every phase of… more »