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Land Management Services

When you are in need of site prep solutions for your construction, agricultural or land management project, then look no further. At Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling, in addition to construction and renovations, we also offer a range of land management services. We delve into more information about these services below.

Bobcat, Skid Loader & Dirt Work

Our well maintained earth moving equipment, knowledge and experience will bring value to your project and property. Our goal is to provide uncompromised quality in all our services. Keith Silman Construction will take care of the big land projects safely and efficiently so you don’t have to! We can help control drainage, reduce erosion clear out the uneven ground so you can build what you want where you want. Call us to start your project on a firm foundation today.


Keith Silman Construction provides excavation services to residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether it’s cutting to required levels, footings excavation or site trenching, our team is experienced in all types of excavation work and can be contracted in conjunction with plumbing, electrical or building services or as stand alone works.

Brush Hogging & Land Clearing

Brush hogging is a well-established, value-added property maintenance service for your land, fields, meadows and property. If you have a large plot of land that you value then brush hogging is the right thing to do to prevent brush overgrowth, harboring pests and fire hazards. Brush hogging is an old and proven farming method of maintaining the land, its value and its beauty for you to enjoy for years and years to come.

Land Management Services in Amarillo, TX | West Texas

Our land management experience, efficiency and the use of proper equipment will ensure your job will be done on time an on budget. Call Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling to learn more of what we can for you today!

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