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Excavation Contractors

When the people of West Texas require extraordinary home remodeling services, Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling, Amarillo, TX based remodeling and renovation contractor company, is the dependable source. We value our customers, and as such, they are greeted with communicative, prompt, and courteous interactions as well as dedication and reasonable pricing. Our skilled artisans use their training and experience in tandem with fine materials, premium products, and advanced equipment in order to deliver remarkable results. For any of your home remodeling projects, you can have confidence that Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling is your leading expert as we are a reputable contractor and are fully licensed and insured. In addition to home improvement and commercial build out services, we also offer excavation.

Types of Excavation in Construction

Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling excavation services will easily clear and dig land for building construction throughout West Texas. Excavation activities include foundation digging, drilling shafts, and drilling and grading, among others. For both commercial and residential, the excavation work performed includes additions, new work, alterations and repairs. Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling will dig your sewer, water lines, trenches, footers and more. To navigate easily around existing structures, we use a small backhoe and use other new advanced equipment such as a skid loader with a 12” ditcher which all contributes to ensuring the excavation work is done correctly.

Excavation Contractors in Amarillo, TX | West Texas

Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling starts by prepping the landscape, and once it is prepped, the digging begins in West Texas. Our professionals can burrow into your land, by using an excavator, which is a large crane-like piece of equipment. For your excavation work in West Texas, call in the experts of Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling.

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