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Cleanup & Recovery After a Flood, Hurricane or Other Storm Damage

As a dependable source in extraordinary home remodeling services, the people of West Texas can count on Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling. We are an Amarillo, TX based remodeling and renovation contractor company that is completely licensed and insured. Our team of professionals greet our customers with courteous, communicative, and prompt interactions and are dedicated to our customers with affordable pricing. Premium products, fine materials, and advanced equipment are used by artisans that have the training and experience to ensure your project is done right the first time. In addition to providing remodeling projects, we help the locals with after storm cleanup services.

What Kind of Cleanup is Involved After a Severe Storm?

Because we are based in Texas, we see firsthand about how volatile the weather can be here. As a result, the landscaping can take damage by the hail, rain, wind and even snow. These extreme weather conditions can easily leave damage on the trees, hedges and shrubs. Unfortunately, there are some cases where they are considered more of a hazard and for the safety of you, your family, pets and others as well as protect your property, such as your house and vehicle, you need professional assistance though in some cases, your vegetation can be salvaged with light trimming.

Cleanup & Recovery After a Flood, Hurricane or Other Storm Damage in Amarillo, TX | West Texas

To make certain you and others are safe and the eyesores removed from the premises such as downed trees and shrubs are proficiently cut down and disposed of using proper safety procedures. Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling can identify the damaged trees and vegetation and ensure your property is properly cleaned up following a storm that has caused damage to your landscaping as we use attention to detail, our expertise, and our diligence to customer satisfaction in West Texas. Our team of professionals will get the cleanup done as quickly as possible.

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