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How to Build a Deck in Amarillo, TX; Design, Framing Techniques, Popular Colors, Built-In Benches & More

No matter if you decide to do it yourself or commission a professional, building a deck for your home can be fun. It is vital to take the time to plan it out, especially if you do decide to take on the project yourself. To make the deck unique and conducive to your style, tastes, and needs, there are countless designs and features you can choose. With this in mind, we at Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling would like to offer some considerations when you plan to install a new deck.

Deck Size

Though having three-story deck looks impressive, it may not compliment the small house and limited yard. While you are developing the design, ensure your measurements are scaled and configured to your home and landscaping.

Design of Deck

This applies to DIY projects particularly. Be honest with your abilities and avoid doing designs beyond your skills such as a curved deck. Though it looks stunning, it needs to be so after completion in addition to compatibility with the home’s architecture. Be sure to pace yourself and avoid burning yourself before the project is done to prevent a rush or sloppy job. If necessary, instead of trying to get it all done at once add the deck storage or the pergola at another time for instance. You can check out countless websites and get ideas for how you want your deck with the internet at your fingertips. Find the basic design, materials used, and the features you prefer.

Deck Budget

Depending on your choice of materials, and the complexity of the deck design, a DIY deck project costs $10 to $25 per square foot, and this doesn’t include the costs of errors. Be sure to add 10%-15% on the principle for wiggle room as a result. Being straightforward, a professional deck installation provides you with the details in cost after you have consulted with the contractor and agreed on the deck you want.

Blend Deck with Existing Home

Instead of looking like separate pieces of a puzzle, you want the deck and home look like a whole unit. As opposed to a tacked on after-thought, you need to incorporate the whole motif and patter of your home to simply make an extension with the deck.

Popular Deck Colors

The decking and components including as posts, rim joists, balusters, stair treads, and skirting are candidates for colors to make the deck attractive and welcoming. To make it look striking, even wood decks can have a variety of colors from staining and painting.

Built-in Deck Benches & Features

To help it come to life, you can implement many features into your deck such as planters, storage, and built-in benches. Consider adding potted plants, freestanding furniture with weatherproof cushions, and bright deck umbrellas to bring the area some class and personal touches should the built-in options be beyond your DIY abilities.

Comply with Building Codes when Building a Deck

The deck may need specific codes or even permits depending on your location. There are resources available to make sure your deck is doable if you are unsure.

Deck Construction & More in Amarillo, Texas

Call Keith Silman Painting & Remodeling, if you are looking for to get the deck done with high-quality, extra features, or simply prefer professionals do the work to give you the desired result.

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